bohemian bedding

Bohemian Bedding Bohemian Style Bedding Full/King/Queen Size


Product Description

Product Details For Bohemian Bedding:
Bed fabric: cotton sanding, cotton
Fabric density: 133×72
Fabric count: 32
Printing and dyeing process: reactive printing and dyeing
Weaving process: Momao
Style Craft: Quilting
Bedding style art flower series
Processing customization: Yes
Fabric main components: cotton


First of all, please determine your core size, and then according to their own bed to choose the right size


Suitable bed size    Quilt cover       bed sheet       pillowcase

1.5m bed                     200*230CM*1     245*250CM*1   48*74CM*2

1.8m bed                    200*230CM*1     245*250CM*1   48*74CM*2

2.0m bed                    220*240CM*1     245*270CM*1   48*74CM*2


Suitable bed size    Quilt cover       bed sheet       pillowcase

1.5m bed                    200*230CM*1     150*200CM*1   48*74CM*2

1.8m bed                   200*230CM*1     180*200CM*1   48*74CM*2

2.0m bed                  220*240CM*1     180*200CM*1   48*74CM*2

Bohemian is a style statement so easily recognizable and unfortunately as easily faked so that you might not be sure if you are buying the real thing. Note, though, that authentic Boho bedding is more than just a slipcover over a duvet inner and a few pillowcases with intricate patterns that pop. And you need to know how to care for bohemian bedding if you have invested in an authentic purchase.In real bohemian bedding, rich fabrics are woven into beautiful traditional patterns, and these are easily reversible, allowing you to change the look of your bedroom by just flipping the bedspread. Despite the sophisticated intricacy of the pattern, these spreads are lightweight and soft to the touch, making them delicate and somewhat temperamental. It is, therefore, imperative that you care for this type of bedding properly!Fabrics!A wide variety of fabrics is used to manufacture this type of linen. Velvet, fleece, cashmere, Egyptian cotton, and Sherpa are just some of these fabrics used in bohemian bedding.


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